About Me

Alex, Open-minded, noisy, extremely opinionated..
❤️ boardgames ❤️ videogames ❤️ traveling ❤️ food

Favourite Food

Fave Chinese Food Chicken Rice
Fave Indian Food Nasi Bryani
Fave Malay Food Satay
Fave Cold Drink Soft Drink
Fave Hot Drink Kopi O


Fave RTS Game Too Many
Fave FPS Game Too Many
Fave RPG Game Final Fantasy
Fave Sport Game PES
Fave Racing Game Burnout Legend
Fave Console Wii U
Fave Arcade Game Too Many

Movies, Cartoons, TV

Favourite Movie Lord Of The Ring
Favourite Cartoon Spiderman
Favourite TV Show Hannibal


Fave Chinese Boy Band/Group Mayday
Fave English Boy Band Backstreet Boys
Fave Artist Jay Chou


Fave Bag Brand Timbuk2
Fave Luxury Brand Porter
Fave Watch Brand Casio

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