Taiwan Trip 2016


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I went taiwan again and is my third time already. Love the weather and the locals. They are so humble and polite.

To summarise, the new places that i go was Miaoli and Yilan(Ludong).

Itinerary for Miaoli

  1. Strawberry farm
  2. Schokolake Chocolate Factory 巧克力雲莊
  3. Qing An Tofu Street 清安豆腐老街
  4. Nan Zhuang Lao Jie 南庄老街
  5. Shenxiangu Waterfall 神仙谷

Itinerary for Yilan(Luodong)

  1. National Center for Traditional Arts 宜蘭國立傳統藝術中心
  2. Lucky Art Crayon Factory 蜡艺彩绘馆
  3. Luodong Night Market 罗东夜市

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