2014 Taiwan Trip

Taiwan Trip AGAIN

This december/january I went to Taiwan. The foods were great as usual. My biggest hoot was buying porter items and a timbuk2 messenger bag. And a few extra pounds.
My first countdown of the year at overseas.


Day 1. Arrive @ taiyuan airport early morning. We went to buy data sim card and then proceed to took bus to taiyuan train station. We board the train to Kaishung (5 hrs journey). After aligning, we walk to our hotel (Kindness hotel) which is nearby. Took the metro train to Shinkuchan and yu-ju street. Walk and see lor. Later, we took train and stop at kaixuan station. We went to kaixuan night market and jin zhuan night market. Both night market are side by side. The place was huge and crowded.

Day 2. Wake up early in morning, we went to tainan by TRA. Our destination was to visit the salt mountain. There was selling salty 茶叶蛋, salty bubble tea, salty ice cream and etc. A cool place. Next, we went to an ping old street. At night, we went to hua yuan night market.

Day 3. For half a day we were at dream mall. At night, we went to liuhe night market

Day 4. Took the HSR to Tapei and transfer to ximending station. We went to our hotel (rainbow hotel) at ximending. After loading our luggage, we took the train to Zhongxiao Dunhua Station. My brother was finding Japan Porter shop at that area. He brought himself a sling bag. After that we went back to Taipei. I went to TT4 to buy a Timbuk2 messenger bag. Most importantly, today was the last day of 2013 and my motive for this trip was to be part of the countdown. We find a place near TT4 watching the live broadcast countdown party on huge tv. Everyone was crowding around for the countdown. As the clock strike 1 am, fireworks were gushing out from Taipei 101 building. It was spectacular!!!
But after countdown, it was really chaos when everyone is rushing to train station

Day 5. For half a day, we were at Taipei underground mall located at Taipei train station. Our sole purpose was to browse their anime and figure shops. At night, we went to shilin night market. We also went to porter shop near the market. My brother and I both brought porter items.

Day 6. One of my brother motive was to go hot spring. We went to xinbeitou. Later on, we went to tianmu sogo to buy some female cosmetic that girlfriend had promised to buy for someone. After that we took TRA to Tai Zhong. We went to yizhong street. Then, we went to check in our hotel (Dream House hotel) The hotel was located on top of a clothes boutique. After check in, We make our way to feng jia night market.

Day 7. We took to the street to buy some local product like taiyang bing and etc. Later we took TRA go back to Taipei. At night, we visit mengjia and huai xi night market. We also went to shida night market. We went to eat ma la steamboat again.

Day 8. We went to dan shui. And then we went to wu fen pu. Later on, we went to raohe night market. We went to Formosa Chang at nearby, 卤肉饭 was damn good.

Day 9. We went back to 101 building for shopping. My brother was buying a 101 building nano block for his friend. We wanted to have a meal at ding tai feng, but in the end we missed it. Next, we went to sogo to buy bagua for our sister.

Day 10. We went back to dan shui again. My intent was to buy inflatable hammer and meteor hammer. My girlfriend and I rent bicycles to ride around dan shui. It was so fun. At night, we went to shilin night market and ning xia night market. When we return from the night market, my girlfriend and I catch a movie (风爆) at ximending. The movie tickets was expensive. It cost $520NT for 2 tickets which u convert to sing dollars is about $S22+.


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