Taiwan Trip

Taiwan Trip

This january I went to Taiwan. The foods were great and Taiwanese are very friendly. My biggest hoot was buying porter wallet and sling bag.


Day 1. Arrive @ taiyuan airport around 1 plus. We proceed to purchase the bus ticket at basement. Then took the bus to the Taipei Main station. Then we went to collect our Zhi Qiang Hao train ticket. We were on our way to Hualien. Btw it was my lst time siting on a train. We reached Hualien three and half hour later. At the hualien station, we took a cab to our minsu. Once we settle down, we went to zhi qiang night market.A super small night market.

Day 2. Wake up early in morning for our tour. We had make an arrangement for a guide tour to Taroko National Park. At the park, the mountains were beautiful. Beautiful scenery. I found out that marble stone was actually from this kind mountains. We spent about 5-6 hours. We also went to Qixing Lake (Qixingtan). After returning back minsu, we took a cab to the hualien city area for shopping and local products.

Day 3. In the morning, we went to the local market for breakfast. After that, we went back and start to pack our luggage. It was nice that the Minsu lady drove us to the train station. Since it was early, we went to walk around and brought bian dang for the journey. After 3hour plus, we came back to Taipei Main station. Then, we transfer to take the taipei metro to ximending station. Soon, we reached the station and make our way to the hotel. The hotel was barely a five minutes walk from the station. After unloading the luggage, we head down to the ximending street. We went to Modern Toilet to have our dinner. By the way, it was my birthday. My lst oversea birthday celebration. Walk around the ximending street.

Day 4. We took a bus going to Yang Ming Shan. It was freezing there. The cold wind was blowing very strongly. The initial plan was to try the hot spring there but we cancel. We took a mini bus that go around the mountain. After we came back, we make our way to Raohe Street Night Market.

Day 5. We took the train to Ruifang station. Then, we took a bus that across the street. We were going to Jiu Fen lao jie. We had the lai ah po glutinous rice balls and red vinasse, or hongzhao. Both food were very good. After that, we got a cab that drive us to shi fen for the shifen waterfall. We also went to fang tian deng and Jing Tong. At night, we went the famous Shi Lin Night Market. There were alot alot of foods

Day 6. Finally had a chance to try the hot spring at Taiwan. we took the metro train to xinbeitou station. After fifteen walk from the station, we arrived at the public hot spring. Since we never bring anything along, we had to buy the swimming apparel and towel. THere were two cold pool and three hot pool. The highest hot spring pool was at 45C. It was a great experience with the hot spring. I enjoyed it. At night, we went to Shida Night Market, Huaxi Street Night Market and
Xichang Street Night Market. It was a bold try to go so many night market at one night. Some Interesting things about Huaxi was that it has restaurant selling turtle or crocodile or snake food. It has several stand that sold porn DVDs and sex toys. Lastly, there were auction stand that sold all sort of products like household items, toys, electrical appliances and etc. Many many years ago, Singapore’s pasar malan used to have this kind of pasar malam auction. Nowsaday we only auction that sell crystal, jade and etc.

Day 7. Before the trip, we had booked a guide for one day trip to Taichung. Our lst stop was King Garden. A place where visitors can buy local products and take photos. Not much thing to do there. The next stop was going to Guangxing Paper Mill. A paper making factory in Puli. There were alot of students making paper themselves. Also, Puli was also called “The Hometown of Handmade Paper” in Taiwan. After that we went to 18C chocolate and Puli Winery. Then, we went to sun moon lake. We took the cruise boat around the lake visting the temple, hill and etc. There was a President’s Fish( 縂統魚 ), official name is Aruzay( 曲腰魚). It was bestowed unofficially to the late President Chiang Kai-Shek who have came here and praised for the fresh and delicious fish. while we at the ship , here was a quote from the cruise driver: “hao shan hao shui hao wu liao”..Hahaha. Our last stop at Taichung was Fengjia Night Market. It was claimed to be the largest night market in Taiwan. And Truly, It really seem damn big compare to the night markets we been so far.

Day 8. We went to the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall in the morning. We saw group of peoples running around the place and also kids practising dance moves. Quite lively place in the morning. Next, we went to the Postal Museum. Saw the history of ancient China’s postal service, Chinese and foreign stamp collections. I also brought some stamps back. Since Taipei 101 was a must visit for people going to taipei. I had to go. But we didn’t went up 101 but went to the shopping center beside it. Some window shopping before we went to Shi Lin Night Market.

Day 9. Our last day at Taiwan. Due to our flight was at afternoon. We doing some last minutes shopping before heading to the airport. We had a great time there. Hopefully we visit Taiwan again.


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