Hongkong Trip

During august, xi xian and I went to hongkong. It was exhausting but we have a whale of time there. Our biggest hoot was buying alot games at a cheap price.


Day 1. Arrive Hong Kong.  Purchase the octopus card. Took the bus A21 and check in cityview hotel. Then went to purchase ticket for macau.  Went to Ladies market.

Day 2. Arrive Macau. Took the day tour package for macau. Visit places like St Paul, Macau tower, Senado Square and etc. Too many places never go, not enough time. But fortunately, managed to buy some local products like the  老婆饼 and 杏仁酥 back. Went to temple Street at late night

Day 3. Arrive Admiralty Station. Brought the tickets and took a bus to the Ocean Park. At the park, we tooks some ride like the rapids, ocean park tower, grand aquarium and etc. Watch the dolphins show.

Day 4. In the morning, we took the cable car to Lantau island to see the Giant Buddha and Po Lin Monastery. Have vegetarian lunch at there and brought some souvenir. In the afternoon,  we went to the peak. The night scene was nice

Day 5. Took the train to ngau tau kok station and flag a cab to where we are buying the  games. At night, went to the Avenue of Stars. The Symphony of Lights was boring!!!

Day 6. After breakfast, pack our luggage and check out.Then went to do some last minute shopping. Took the cab and went to the airport!


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