The King and the Clown

Director: Lee Jun-ik
Casts: Kam Woo-seong, Jeong Jin-yeong, Lee Joon-ki, Gang Seong-yeon

After brokeback mountain, came another gay film. This time in korea a tragic gay love triangle between a pair of clowns (who performed cosmic plays, songs and acrobatic tricks) and a notorious king.

The story is set in 16th-century South Korea. Kam Woo-seong and Lee Joon-ki are street clowns. Later becoming extremely popular for their naughty parodies of the king and his concubine. They were arrested and condemned to die. But the clowns manage to make the king laugh hysterically at their act does the king decide to pardon them and hire them as his court jesters instead.

But troubles soon brew when the king starts to grow fond of the ladylike Lee Joon-ki…………………

I love the movie. It is funny but also fills with compelling touching scenes. Also Lee Joon-ki (이준기)’s looks and his convincing lady behaves in this movie was impressive. I was deceived by his female impersonations initially. He really looks like one.


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